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Georgia Outdoor Survival Skills
Tree Carvers "Tree Art Wood Carvers" - In the same way that a master craftsman shapes wood, God shapes our lives to make something beautiful.  
Someday "Someday"
A child reads a book of a mother reflecting on her daughter growing up.
Rodney "A Clear Difference"- set in the environment of a glass company, Rodney Hutto explains there should be "A Clear Difference" in the life of a follower of Christ.  
Pop Prayer Protection "Pop, Prayer, Protection"-  A logger explains his equipment and tells of things for which he is thankful.  
Sharp Tool "A Sharpened Tool"- A logger explains how God can use a sharp tool better than a dull one  
Christian Growth "Christian Growth"- A logger explains how the rings of a tree tell the story. We need the protection and encouragement of other believers.  
Gary Pine Mountain Baptist Association Promo.
Short Version
Why churches should work together.  Hi Res Mpeg2 Format
Other Videos
Hand drill Friction Fire Hand Drill Friction Fire
Making Rope From Bark
Bow Drill Friction Fire With Leaf String
Making String From Yucca
Making Fire From The Sun
Surprise in the yard  Surprise in the yard
Discovered two buffalo in my yard in Harris County Georgia 
R/C Airplane view  View From R/C Airplane
This is what it would be like to ride in a R/C airplane! 
Wayne "Planting Churches Together".
The Pine Mountain Baptist Association
Harris County Georgia. Hi Res Mpeg2  Format
Ben Pine Mountain Baptist Association Promo. Why churches should work together. Hi Res Mpeg2 Format  
Jessica "Comparing Lists"- Four people have Christmas lists. Three have wishes for selfish reasons. One person thinks of others.  
Brad "Planting Churches Together".
 Short Version
The Pine Mountain Baptist Association Harris County Georgia. Hi Res Mpeg2 Format
Taylor  "Baby Jesus" The Nativity
A child arranges the nativity figures.
Watch till the end and you will understand the title.
Christmas Story The Christmas Story
The Christmas Story read by three girls with pictures.
Team Roping
Team Roping School in Hamilton Georgia